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Natural Disasters (1938-1967)
Bio-E K & Elsie Hayes
bio-Joseph Reed, sawmill owner, lumberman
James Wardwell, sawmill owner, lumberman, developer
Emmett's Lumber Industry in the Past, Emmett Index, June 1916
The Lumber Industry by Nellie Ireton Mills

Museum Treasures

Dentistry 1865 - 2000
Abalone Shell hand-painted by Ada Riggs
Copper Boiler
Kerosene Can Christmas Story
Jim Flake's Still, courtesy of Art Beal - Thank you Art for the generous contribution!
Valentines, Quilt


Additional details on John Regan, original homesteader at Regan Bend, listed with his father Daniel who homesteaded NW of town
photos of Whelchel's 1911 photo studio and his 1913 Electric Studio


Harold A. Beal (1910-1999)
1933, Third Fork CCC Camp, courtesy of Art Beal - Thank you for sharing!
Goodale's Cutoff from Boise Valley to Powder River (ISHS Reference Series 1048)
"The Legend of Squaw Butte" by Mrs. Bert Wright
"140 years of memories, Emmett cemeteries" by Diana Baird
Cruickshank, Alexander
Davies, John B.
Ads from 1940-41 Montour Memories (students from yearbook)
1940-41 Montour Memories (students from yearbook)
Baalam Fox (1845-1925), Civil War veteran, stage driver. Buried at Sweet. Story by Kennie Lynn Klingback
1973, Ed Schultz, Ola Postmaster retires after 28 years
1922, August: Pioneer Reunion, includes Emmett's Firsts & registration book
The Payette River Road, early route to the Boise Basin
Prohibition in Idaho, 1916-1933
1921, July 7: Wine Emptied into Canal
1913, August: First Train Ride to Smith's Ferry
History of Cherry Festival
bio of John H. Talley
"Hammer and Drill," "The Other Idahoans/Forgotten Stories of Boise Valley," vol. 7. Boise State University, 2016. (Pearl)

Schools Index
new -
1918 Jack Knife School Souvenir. Courtesy of Art Beal, thank you for sharing!
Local News Items (on-going)

Polk's Idaho State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1914
Biography of Hon. Frank W. Hunt
Black Canyon Dam
History - Esmond Stage Stop
Updated and Expanded Pearl Index

History of Gem County and Emmett by James H. Hawley, 1920

Biography of Henry C. Riggs

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