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Walking Tour of Downtown
photos of Main Street signs, Thanks Madonna Colburn for sharing!
photos of alley signs, Thanks Madonna Colburn for sharing!
Burdge Grist Stones in City Park
Emmett, 1909
"Looking West Down Main Street, 1922" (museum's "big art" sign)
Goodale Grade
Pearl 1902 (last buildings razed in the spring of 2004 - a poignant reminder of the need for active historical preservation)
Sweet - Ballantyne Wool Wagons
Sweet - Early Scenes
WWII Memorial, at tank, in front of courthouse
Memorial, WWI, Korea and Viet Nam at tank, in front of courthouse


1863 Basin Trail, by Dorothy Welberg
1864-1870 Martinsville, by Dorothy Welberg
1883-1885, Emmettsville by Dorothy Welberg   detail-east  detail-west
1897 Mail Routes from Idaho maps at Digital Commonwealth/Massachusetts Collections Online, which includes 1891, 1895, 1897 & 1903 mail routes
1900 Emmettsville plat
1910 Letha plat
1902 Pearl map reconstructed, by Sharon McConnel (to accompany photo below)
Sweet plat

Events Scrapbook

2012 Ladies Social
2010 Cemetery Tour, Voices of the Past

Photo Links

American Memory from the Library of Congress Collection,do a "search" for Montour buildings (available at museum)
America from the Great Depression to World War II, Library of Congress Collection, includes sawmill, Ola cooperative, & etc (available at museum)
Photos at

Digital Photo Collections around the state

History of Idaho Collection, "The Mike Fritz Collection" of Idaho postcards, maps, documents
Boise State Digital Collection
Idaho State Historical Society Digital Collections
Idaho Cities Old Main Street Postcards
Northwest Historical Postcard Collection, University of Idaho
Mountain West Digital Library
Stonebraker Collection at University of Idaho, includes Chamberlain Basin, Roosevelt, Thunder Mountain

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