Newspaper Articles

1882, Squaw Creek prospectors hunt for placers on Cherry Creek, Al Gortz, district recorder reports
1886, Henry Esmond convicted, of robbing mail stage between Placerville and Squaw Creek postoffices (see for complete story)
1887, Esmond escapes U.S. wing Territorial prison
1888 Caldwell Tribune, Emmett News Bag, includes Jim Wardwell, D.L. Badley
1893, Instruments arrived for Emmett's Brass Band
1893, July: Call for Bids for bridge across the Payette at Emmet
1893, Dec.: New Bridge Completed, 600 head of cattle crossed, no weakness
1896, ads for Emmett Meat and Mountain Lumber, Sweet
The Emmett Index, January 21, 1898, multiple stories
1899, May: Emmett serene as usual
1899, Aug. Ola News, Mr. Ramble, Wm. Litle, E. K. Hayes, E. E. Beal, back from Klondike
1889, Sept: Caldwell Tribune includes Aaron Bascom, Sawdust Kelley, John S. Wittle, Mrs. Moody, Elsie Wardwell, H. H. Fulton, John Daley, Jas. Patten, Davie McAuliff, James Fuller, Pet Wilson, Gerwicks, W. R. Adams, W. S. Badley, Finley Monroe, Harrison Housel, E. C. Blanchard
1893, Daily Stage to Emmett from Caldwell
Railroad Reaches Emmett, April 1902
Fifty-five Carloads, Mining Machinery for Thunder Mountain, June 19, 1902
The Fourth at Emmett, July 1902
Emmett Red Birds Cover Themselves with Glory, Other News, Dissolution Notice, July 10, 1902
Farmers' Co-Operative Irrigation Co. Plans, January 13, 1903
1910, W. R. Davis harvests $63.25 worth of cherries from 10 trees
The Emmett Index,February 6, 1913, extensive list
1914, cherries from Emmett are plentiful
1919,Civic Club Plans Better Roads, Frank Knox, T. B. Hargus, B. B. Davis, G. B. Mains, Ed Skinner, Ed Reilly, C. D. Bucknum, Dr. R. E. Rose
1920, Cherry Growers Organize
Liberty Mine near Sweet Sold, October 1929
Ekekiel Sweet's Experience as a Postmaster, February 1931
Martial Law Declared, August 1931
"Progressing with Gem County", "Scenic Idaho, Winter 1954

When Col. Dewey bought the Caswells' Thunder Mountain claims (east present-day Valley Co.) in late 1900, the rush was on - much of it through present-day Gem County. Ads from "Thunder Mountain News," April 22, 1905, courtesy of Steven Harshfield - Thank you, Steve, for sharing!

    Boise & Pearl Stage, T. B. Walker, Prop.
    Millers, Ola & Miller's Store at Thunder City
    Plowman's, Montour
    Sults' Ola, Thunder City, Vanwyck Stage
    Taylor House, Sweet, W. Taylor & Sons, Props.

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