THE EMMETT INDEX April 3, 1902


The Completion of the Enterprise Marks the Beginning of the Progress of Emmett and Surrounding Country

The railroad has come at last. The unfamiliar sight of a steam horse, snorting in over the streets, is one of great interest to our citizens.

With the arrival of the railroad all realized that our bands of isolation are broken and now it is a fair field and no favors. Emmett has cause for congratulation. Her future was assured when the last spike of the Idaho Northern was driven. The long distance by stage has heretofore kept many investors from Emmett, but these annoyances are not a thing of the past.

Men of wealth have been long in taking advantage of our resources. It was not until Colonel Dewey, that broad minding and public spirited citizen, conceived the project of a railroad to Emmett that we could hope for development of the country. It is ours now to demonstrate and verify the Colonel's faith in us. Let us work together for the advancement of Emmett and the Idaho Northern. The success of either means the success of both. The one is linked to the other by ties of interest. Long live Colonel Dewey, the Idaho Northern and Emmett, the garden spot of the valley.

It is fitting that our citizens take some formal observance of the day. It is the birth of a new and progressive town. Suitable exercises should be held commemorative of the event. Never in our history has occasion offered better opportunity for saying grace. Citizens, call a holiday. Give a royal welcome to the first to come over the new road. See that an excursion from neighboring towns be given on a certain day. Few towns and people know that the road is completed. See that they know it. It is to your interest to do so. More people will come to you then.

Organized an excursion. Look to it that it is well advertised and give the excursionists a royal time when they arrive, plenty to eat and plenty of amusement.

Many a man that sees the richness of Emmett, its grasses and trees, water and timber, will cast his fortune with us.

The month of March, 1902, is a red letter month for Emmett, and henceforth Emmett people will date events from the day the railroad came.

Three cheers for Emmett, Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

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