The Emmett Index, January 21, 1898

Courtesy of the extended Knox family. Thank you for sharing!

Payette River Valley, Salubrious climate

Page 1
Town Talk, mentions Mrs. Church, George Gardner, George Dietz, Clayton Knox, S. A. Sloper, George Jackson, Anna Jackson, Lulu Jackson, Boise Riggs, S. A. Pattison, Rev. Atkinson
Town Talk, cont. - Mrs. Finley Monroe, Park Wardwell, Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Ireton, Mrs. Stem, Mr. & Mrs. John Bane, Charles Baker, Frank Bannister, Charles Gilson, Mrs. Stover, Guy Francis, Bob Blanchard, Jake Woods ("Indian Jake"), Jud Allerton, Col. W. H. Dewey
New Arrivals - Son born to C. B. Knox, daughter to William Bates, son to William Fuller
Marriage of DeLoss Knox & Effie Fulton
Falks Store Items,mentions Mr. Cave, John Nelson, W. S. Stuart, Andrew Rasmussen, Kesgaards, Klempenny
Good Templars Meet, Charles Lockerman, Pearl, was in town . .
Gone to Alaska - E. K. Hayes & Charlie Hinnegar?
E. K. Hayes notice
Barrett - Do You Wear Shoes?
McNish & Allen, Valley Store
House For Sale
Blanchard & Wells, Kelley & Womack, horseshoeing prices
For Sale, 120 acres, Boise G. Riggs
Wanted - Trustworthy and Active Gentlemen or ladies . . .
Mining and Scientific Press

Page 3
Bakers Cocoa

Page 4 (back page)
The Emmett Index, S. A. Pattison, Editor
IOOF Lodge, Finley Monroe, Sec.; Thos. Russell, N.G.; GAR Post, R. A. Badley, P.C.; Methodist Church, T. W. Atkinson, Pastor
O.S.L.Ry. Time Card, Geo. L. Alley, Agent
James W. Barrett, Notary
Overland Hotel, Ransom Corral, Bancroft Hotel, The Office (Drinks & Cigars), Boise
D. W. C. Brown, Pool & Reading Room
Carter's Hotel
D. W. C. Brown, Undertaker
Final Homestead Proof, Ezra Bradford, witnesses, Charles H. Gilson, Alta Jane Gilson, John J. Bannister, Frank Bannister
Russell & Reagan's Hardware Store; Sloper's Sample Rooms; The Fashion Saloon, Judson Allerton, prop.
Little & Boone, Reliable Merchandise, Caldwell
Don't Go to the Klondike without Taking Along a Winchester Repeating Rifle

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