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Fruit Growers To Organize, W. M. Yost, Boise Valley; N. B. Barnes, H. J. DeClark, B. C. Coulson, R. B. Shaw; C. H. Martin; A. A. Richards; Fred Baisch; George P. Hall; E. F. Reed
Leo C. Brassey and Miss Carrie M. E. Yoder marry
Douglas Knox celebrates 70th Birthday
Contract For Bridge; Registrars, Hughes & Sons,Jonathan Moulton, I. Womack, Henry Thompson, J. H. Forbes & Company; Mrs. Art Wells, Mrs. Glaze, Mrs. S. N. Bucher
W.R.C. Install, Mrs. W. J. Easton, Mrs. Stokesbery, Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. Wilbur, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Steinbower, Miss Myrtle Barrett, Mrs. Pyle, Mrs. Herold, Mrs.Wellman
Investigating Committee, Councilman Murray and R. V. Coon
Deadwood Has 12 Feet of Snow, Ed Stanely, McNish, McBride, Chris Kesgard, Joe Rynearson, J. B. Reese, Joe Callahan, Moore
Thomas Larkin Undergoes Operation
Wrestling Match, George Meeker, Dave Gilmore, Chrisholm, Alton White, Clyde Nye
Doctor's Kick, re: costs of fumigating buildings
W. H. Shane Buys Livestock
Births, son to Fritz Shadt; son to Leo Fest
Hattie Tuttle Dies, age 59
Want Right of Way For Railroad
That Mountain Lion, "killed by four brave hunters", Adam Klingback sets out to bring home the hide
Reed Ditch Annual Meeting, C. M. Nichols, re-elected president and D. Wampler, secretary
Blacksmith, Wagon Repairing and Horseshoeing by H. T. Maynard
Bank of Emmett, W. R. Cartwright, V. T. Craig, C. J. Bullard, Lauren Dean

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The Brunswick Cigar Store, E. L. Holverson, proprietor
Anthony Peterson, Blacksmith; Lew Burton, Shoe Repair; H. W. Titus, Contractor/Builder; Berry & Campbell, Contractors & Builders; The Emmett Resaurant, Frank Naka, prop.; Homeseekers Rooming House, D. W. C. Brown, prop.; Pure Milk Delivery, W. A. Murray

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Rayo Lanterns
S & B Hams & Bacon, Emmett Meat Market
Finley Monroe, Attorney; J. P. Reed, Attorney; J. K. McDowall, Attorney; C. P. Bilderback, Insurance & Real Estate
L. West, Civil Engineer & Surveyor
Raw Furs

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"News of Two Counties, This Week's Contributions from Index Reporters and Other Sources"
Horseshoe Bend and Jerusalem, Frank Prout, John Dailey, Mr. Reid, Mike Burke, Sheridian Woods, Seymour Hanson, Ole Folstren, Gunderson
Dry Buck, Mrs. Al Church, Geo. Smith, Elias Younklin, Geo. Phillips, E. R. Bowman, Mr. Zachary, Sherl Phillips, John Murray, John Solskov, Mr. Lashley, orphans' home
South of Falk, Mr. Coats, J. C. Dewey, Robert Whelchel, E. E. Park, Mr. Lamb, Wm. Ludrick, Charles Linden, Albert Martin
Hanna, Robt. Howard, James Howard, Merl Hull, Jewell Crank, Mrs. John Bartch, Rev. Blom, J. W. Jessee, E. J. Teerink, Will Jewell, J. I. Guthrie, Mrs. A. M. Schrecongost, Hovey Evans, Mrs. Spaulding, Miss Luhr, Dr. W. J. Guthrie, Godfrey Sperling, Miss Wayman, St. Clair Guthrie, J. R. Field, F. S. Blaser, Fritz Schadt, Will King
Central Mesa, John A. West, Mr. French, Thos. Whiteside, Fritz Schadt, Mrs. Jim Little, Dave McMillan, Price Bane, Miss Kate Payne, Miss Martin, U. A. Club, W. A. Connelly, Mrs. W. J. Van Limburg, Guy B. Dayton, Mr. Seaman Sr., Grandpa Larkin, Walter Larkin, Dr. Clark, Dr. Cummings, Dr. Drysdale, Rolin Dayton, Rev. Blom
Lincoln Notes, John Miller, Louis Alsager, Mary Miller, Wm. McCrossin, Guy Gilmore, Chas. Woody, Alice Rynearson, Mrs. Monroe, Frank Miller, Chirl Smith, Mr. Yost, J. I. Hitt, Mrs. J. B. Carpenter, Grandpa Miller, Rosalie Gilmore, Mr. & Mrs. Findley, Mrs. Ames, Rev. Houder, Mr. Pape, Dr. Clark, Tucker, Glen DeClark, James Hitt, Arthur Wright, Christopher Coonrod
Freezeout Findings, Mr. Findley, Jack Shinn, Frank Shinn, Mr. Wellman
Bramwell,Fred Rodgers, Arch Matthews, George Newman, Hughes, Frank Newman, Elmer Rose, Chauncey Lake, Henry McDowell, Elmer Newman
Breeders of Dairy Stock; Anti-Saloon League Day; Emmett Defeated at Payette, W. J. Herwig, Frank Ebert, S. A. Parker

p. 4 Ads
Wrestling Match, George Meeker of Horseshoe Bend and Dave Gilmore of Emmett; preliminary bout between young Chisholm & Al White
Electrical Devices for the Home
Butter Wrappers
For Sale, 17 acres within a mile of city schools; Heating & Cook Stoves, Hawkins Hardwear
For Sale, Squaw Creek Ranch

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