Annual report of the mining industry of Idaho,
Jay Czizak, Inspector of Mines, 1899

Extracted from google books


"Pearl district, situated in the southwestern part of Boise County, is a thriving mining camp. Here is the famous Checkmate mine, which has paid from the "grass roots" and has developed into a well-equipped mine, for several years being a regular shipper of high grade concentrates. The Lincoln group is another property being rapidly developed, and there are a score or more of other promising properties in the district, the best known of which are the I.X.L., King, Red Warrior, Comrade, Friday and Superior."

". . .the cost of fuel varies in different districts of the county. At Pearl coal is used and costs $12 per ton; in nearly every other part of Boise County wood is used and costs $3.50 per cord . . . From Pearl the cost of transportation to market is $9.50 per ton. In the Idaho Basin the ore is worked there. Miners receive from $3.00 to $3.50 per day; timbermen get $3.50; trammers, $2.50; laborers, $2.50; engineers, $3.00; pumpmen, $3.00; foremen, $4.00; blacksmiths, $3.50."

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