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Veterans buried in Sweet-Montour Cemetery

A - E

Albin, Jesse L. (1881-1963) WWI
Alsager, Melvin Dean (1931-2017)
Arthur, Dale Blaine (1943-1998), VietNam
Badley, Robt A. ( d. 1913) Civil War, 2nd Colo. Volunteer Cavalry, Co. B
Boynton, Floyd Leslie (1921-1996) WWII
Brand, William H. (1895-1975)WWI
Charters, John F. (1924-1974) US Army
Chilcott, Kenneth L. (1911-1984) WWII
Clark, Fredrick E. (1912-1989) WWII
Coburn, Jay N. (1923-2003) WWII
Cooper, Dean B. (1935-1956)
Crawford, Elmore Vance (1916-1990) WWII
Curtis, John S. (1920-1997) WWII
Davis, Warren W. (1917-1986) WWII
Day, Joseph E. H. (1833-1919) Civil War, 2nd Regiment Ohio, Volunteer Infantry, Co. K.
DeLong, H. H. (1843-1904) Civil War, 5th Regt. Mich. Cavalry, Co.I
Dietzman, Wayne E. (1928-1992) WWII
Elliott, Donald R. (1923-1999) WWII, Korea, Viet Nam
Elliott, Joseph F. (1915-1991) WWII
Endres, Frank (1890-1970)WWII

F - J

Ferguson, Larry Daniel (1947-2003)
Figart, Clifford Lee (1943-1973) VietNam
Fox, Baalam (1845-1925) Civil War, Corporal, 7th Missouri Cavalry, Co. B
Fox, Jack Linwood (1927-2003) WWII
Freeman, John Ray (1893-197-) WWI
Fuller, James J. (1919-2009) WWII
Gardner, Richard D. (1941-1992) US Air Force
Goodwin, Clyde (1892-1973) WWI
Hackenberg, John O. (1944-2002) VietNam
Hall, Abraham Seitz (1844-1909) Civil War, 88th Regiment Ohio Infantry, Co. I
Hall, George W. - First Idaho Spanish American War Casualty, see obituary
Hanby, Rex S. - (1933-2012)
Hurley, Patrick Fay (1938-1991)
Ireton, Lorenzo S. (1843-1891) Civil War, 7th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. K.
Jacobson, Ronald B. (1937-1972) US Army
Jarmin, Ronald Lee (1945-2012) US Army
Jones, Larry Harry (1930-1993) US Army
Jordan, Farrell F. (1921-1997) WWII
Kellar, Karl Alfred (1940-2009)
Kirkpatrick, Stanley (1934-2012)
Leisy, Donald W. (1918-2003) WWII


Mabee, Mervin James "Jim" (1928-2010)
Mahoney, Charles H. (1893-1981)
Maxwell, Paul Edgar (1928-1966)
McDonough, Michael George (1933-2010)
McQuade, Andy (1830-1916) Bannock Indian War
Miller, Delmar Holt (1903-1947) Oregon S. Sgt. 11 Photo Sec. AS.
Montgomery, R. P. "Pete" (d. 2010)
Newell, Brennon "K" (1929-2008) WWII, Korea
Newell, Chas. C. (1845-1923) Civil War, 16th Missouri Cavalry
Nolan, Henry G. Civil War, Sgt., 29th Iowa Infantry, Co. D
Osterout, Verl E. (1916-1988) WWII
Peery, Frank T. (1888-1956)
Penix, James T. (1916-1974)
Peterson, Donald (1924-1955) WWII
Poe, Edgar A. (1892-1977) WWI
Poe, Ezra R. (1882-1959) WWI
Poole, Alfred R. (1928-1999) Korea, VietNam
Preboski, Paul E. (1911-1995) WWII
Reed, Glen E. (1945-2017) Vietnam, Purple Hearts
Reed, Sandy (1917-1993) US Army
Rom, Joseph (1900-1990)
Sexton, Cramer M. (1922-1997) WWII
Skippen, Don (1924-2006) WWII
Smith, George S. (1901-1983) US Army
Tetro, Frank (1919-2001) WWII, Purple Heart
Thomas, Chester W. (1910-1986) WWII
Vahlberg, James E. (1916-1967 (WWII)
Walker, Alvin A. (1912-1992) US Army
Warr, Harry G. (1904-2002) WWII
Williams, George W. (1836-1909) Co. H. 2nd Regt. Ore Mtd Vol. Indian Wars
Yergenson, Shirl K. (1926-1987) WWII, Korea

Veterans Buried in the Ola Cemetery

Beal, Lorenzo (1834-1901) Civil War
Beal, Paul Henry (1908-1998) US Army, WWII
Bemis, Blaine Clark (1946-2015)
Bowman, William (1838-1915) Civil War
DeMasters, Claude (1891-1953)
France, William T. (1843-1933) Civil War
Griffith, Ellis W. ( September 27, 1941- May 29, 2019) US Army
Griffith, T. Ivo (1918-1999) US Army WWII
Hart, Jerry R. (1937-1992) US Air Force Vietnam
Hyde, Norris J. (1924-2007) US Army Air Corps WWII
Perkins, Lawrence Dale (1920-2009) US Navy
Perkins, Robert Burdett (1942-2003) US Navy
Peron, George w. (1844-1922) Civil War
Poole, David A. (1946-2014) US Army Viet Nam
Prohl, Robert Forest (1920-1999) US Navy, WWII
Rogers, Bryce V. (1924-1991) US Air Force, WWII, Korea, VietNam
Rose, George Lee (1922-2008)US Marine Corps, WWII
Stiner, Jacob (1831-1910) Civil War, 103rd Regt. Penn. Inft.
Sutton, Perry Cecil (1939-2004) US Army
Tubbs, Dean William (1920-1963) WWII
Webb, Harry ( d. 1940)
Young, Jess W. "Brig" (1916-1988) US Army, WWII

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