School District Map

The 1939 "Metsker Atlas of Gem County,"1 lists 29 schools as follows:
Bramwell, Sec. Sec. 12, T6N, R3w
Brick, Sec. 31, T7N, R1W
Butte, Sec. 10, T7N, R1W
Central Mesa, Sec. 33, T7N, R2W (now a private dwelling)
Moyers' sketch: "DISTRICT #2 CENTRAL MESA (Canyon District #55) This Canyon County district was organized October 15, 1902. Students attending classes in 1902 (Ibid #1) were Lottie and Lizzie Canady; John Khubeck; Flossie, Jess, Rufus, Myrtle, Iva and Lon Sorensen; Willie, Belle and Johnnie Bane; Warren, George, Charles and Cecelia Simons and Warren and Henry Fruit. When Gem County was created 1915, Central Mesa retained its boundaries but was renumbered District #2. In 1921 part of district was added to Brick District. When the districts were reorganized into one district on April 1950 with its headquarters in Emmett, Central Mesa became a subdistrict holding classes for the sixth, seventh, eighth grades until 1986. The land and school building were sold November 1987 to Kirk Vickery, who remodeled it as a home. "Old Country Schools of Canyon County, includes Gem and Payette County" by Corinne Moyers, 1988."
Emmett, Sec. 18, T6N, R1W
1903, Wardwell School (photo)
1939, High School Gym addition, East Main Street
Gross, Sec. 13, T11N, R1E
1939, Gross School, photo from LOC
"This Boise County school became a part of Gem County in 1915 and retained its district number, name and boundaries.
In 1925 the district had lapsed, but there was a case in court which concerned the district and Annie Gross delaying any decisions as to whether whether or not the district had lapsed.
In 1935 the school district trustees requested permission to annex certain unorganized territory of lapsed school districts, which was approved.
In 1939 the petition of Guss Gross and others reported the lapsing of School District 17 and requested consolidation with Dist 8 at Ola. The matter was taken under advisement.
When the districts were reorganized into one district with headquarters at Emmett, Gross school district was one of the districts included. It was not in existence in 1988."2

Hanna, Sec. 30, T7N, R2W
Jackknife, Sec. 2, T9N, R1E
1906,JackKnife School, courtesy of Thompsons (photo)
1918 Jack Knife School Souvenir, Courtesy of Art Beal, thank you for sharing!
1939, Jacknife School, photo LOC
"This district became a Gem County school district in 1915 as a joint Valley/Gem district. Members of High Valley District voted, prior to organization, to bring their property into the Jackknife District. Ayers/Big Willow were absorbed into this district. In 1935 there were ten students enrolled in the district; in 1945 there were eleven. In 1947 there were eight districts proposed to be combined into one district - Gross, Jackknife, Liberty, Montour, Ola, Pearl, Sweet and Valley View. Students attended Ola in the fall of 1949."2
Letha, Sec. 35, T7N, 3W
Anderson School/Letha (photo)
"The Letha area was homesteaded and settle early because of the traffic to the Oregon Territory. The first school was the Anderson School, which was established in 1888. This one-room brick building served as the school for many years before Letha built a new facility in 1953, which served the community for 50 years. Today the students are bused to Shadow Butte School which was built on the bench in 2001."3
Liberty, Sec. 11, T8N, R1E
Lower Mesa, Sec. 15, T7N, R3W
Moyers' 1988 sketch  ~  history 2
Montour, Sec. 27, T7N, R1E
"In 1915 there were 58 students attending school. In 1925 there were 84, in 1935 there were 78 and in 1950 there were 27 students."2
"Montour School, combination grade and high school, financed by a $6,700 bond issue, this two-story red brick structure was built in 1913 to replace Montour's first school building." photographed March 1979. Historic American Buildings Survey (Library of Congress)

1940-41 Montour Memories (students from yearbook)  ~ Ads from 1940-41 Montour Memories (students from yearbook), (Courtesy of Sandy McConnel and Sharon McConnel, daughters of Wm. "Bill" McConnel)
Ola, Sec. 25, T10N, R1E
Ola School, National Register of Historic Places Registration form
Pearl, Sec. 15, T6N, R1E
1909 Pearl Commencement Program
Sweet, Sec. 3, T7N, R1E
1900, Sweet School, this photo belonged to Dewey Woody, so presumably he and his siblings are in the photo
South Slope, Sec. 27, T6N, R2W
1951, South Slope School (photo)
"This one-room school district, also called Howd school district, was organized in Canyon Co. July 31, 1900 as the result of a petition of A. J. Howd, et. al., and was formed from parts Vanderdassen & Emmett districts. The children listed in 1914 were Marvin and Frank Hutton; Bryon, Victor and Homer Kelley; Charley, Lois, Harry, Luke an Teressa Ivie; Arthur, Anna, Charles and Hazel Ackeret; Francis, Vernard, Eva and Alvin Mikesell; Ina Jones; Ray Edward, Thelma and Helen Baker; George and Doris Kennedy; Claud and Velma Biggs; Rachel and Ruth Brown; Vern Clapton and Albert and Edgar Wilson. Along with 17 other district it was consolidated with Emmett in 1950. The school was no longer in use in 1954 and Mrs. Florence Campbell, daughter of A. J. Howd Sr. requested a clear title to the land, as it was donated by Howd, with the provision that it revert to the owners when it was no longer needed as a school. In 1955 it was leased for one year to Wayne McLinn for storage of fruit boxes.2
Vanderdasson, Sec. 9, T6N, R2W
Valley View, Sec. 28, T8N, R1E


1Available at museum library.

2 "Old Country Schools of Canyon County, includes Gem and Payette County" by Corinne Moyers. Privately published, 1988.1

3 "Images of America/Emmett and Gem County," by Julianne Rekow Peterson and the Gem County Historical Society. 1

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