Riverside Grove

In "The Village That Grew" Ruth B. Lyon writes:
"In pioneer day, the cottonwood trees and native shrubs created a grove which extended south of the river into the lower half of the present Mill Town. In 1884, Professor Spain and his class gave a picnic in the Riverside Grove. The professor noted, 'All are invited, big and little. The dinner is to be the basket type.' Fourth of July celebrations were often held there. Tables and benches made of rough lumber were set up under the trees where a community dinner was eaten. In the afternoon, a local speakeer gave the Independence Day oration. After that, the young people ran races, played games, and set off fireworks."

Dewey's Grove

"In 1907 Mr. & Mrs. John Cyrus Dewey bought 40 acres east of Emmett. Their grandson Cecil describes the place: 'In a year or so they sold half the land and made a recreational area out of part of the remaining acreage. My grandfather planted many popular trees, set up picnic tables, put up four garden swings, and operated a stand where he sold pop, ice cream, cookies, candies, and fireworks. He built a large outdoor barbecue, which had a hook in its stone where a kettle could be hung. In 1917, my grandfather constructed an open-air dance hall with a floor made from popular trees that grew in the yard. . . . Dancers enjoyed the cool open air atmosphere of the hall. Many organizations held their annual meetings at the grove, and families and friends often picnicked there.'" - "The Village That Grew" by Ruth B. Lyon

Ad for dance July 13, 1922 -


Jensen's Gem Fruit and Dairy Ranch

Emmett Index, July 20, 1922: "Lincoln Lines
Mr. Jensen, who has been making ice cream for some time, now reports good sales of his product to many neighbors and home folks in our community as well as those beyond its immediate confines. James has a stock of small cartons on hand to carry in smaller quantities and this addition of service has become very popular with neighborhood folks who have taken advantage of it. They will give the fruit pickers and general public the benefit of buying ice cream most any time from now on during the heat of the season, having tables placed conveniently for those desiring to eat and refresh themselves before going farther.

"Both Mr. Jensen's daughters are now at home and have become full fledged farmerettes in the true sense of the word, doing much to lighten the burdens carried by their parents during the rush season. The costumes are very becoming as well as serviceable and appeal greatly to one who desires to see comfort combined with neatness and use."

Item in The Emmett Index the following week: "Jensen's pure ice cream in any quantity for family use, delivered to your door. Phone 66-J 4, or call personally."

1939 Metsker atlas shows J. L. Jensen estate about 1/2 m. south of the old Lincoln school, west side of road now known as Johns Ave.

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